Tater (tater92) wrote in teenscene,

New here.

I had a live journal once before, but I had no friends on it and I just wrote. I got a new one and decided to use it differently.
I'm 17 years old, I'm a guy, and I'm in my senior year in high school. I want to keep my name Tater, or rather, I want to keep my real name anonymous. Last journal I had someone googled my name and found all of my stuff. It's rather personal what I write.
I decided that it doesn't matter if random people I don't know read my stuff, what can they do? But someone I know, learning all that about me? That was pretty awkward.
I love to help people. Keep that in mind, don't forget me. =]
I'm a nerd on the inside, but I don't look it. Maybe I'll put up a user pic of me later on.
Straight A's and all that. I Obey the speed limit [to some extent.] That kind of guy.
People that first know me don't know I'm a nerd write away. A video game playing, math loving, kind of guy. They see a skinny kid who is hilarious and seems to get along with everyone. Which is true... =]

Regardless, get to know me, I'm friendly.
I love writing. Obviously...
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You seem cool! XD Wanna be friends?
Idk... I don't want to just start adding everyone that asks...
I'd have a thousand friends that I'd never talk to by next week or something.

Like last time.

Kids with 1000 friends on Myspace they never even talk to...
I don't want that. =\

Welcome to teenscene Tater! You're welcomed to make as many friends as you like!

Have a happy teenscene posting life!