Webber (birdyblueeyes) wrote in teenscene,

Romantic Idea's.. Anyone?

Ok hi I've posted before but now i need some help.. You see i have this new friend whom i've has this weird little crush on for a while. Now we never use to talk or anything but now that we do we found out that we have a lot in commen. I want to tell him that I think he's awesome, and i want to get closer to him so im planing what i call "Opperation Cucumber" He had told me what his favorit food was .. Mushroom Ravioli, and he can't cook.. so i thought i'd make it for him Picnic style, with 2 small salads and desert.. Tho im having difficulty figuring out what to make for desert.. he likes Jelly Bellys, also waffles.. He likes waffles because he doesnt have to cook them, being cooking challeneged and all.. lol So, being a little Inside joke i thought i'd do like a waffle napolian kinda deal. One of his favorit movies is Man On The Moon, mine also so i thought i'd pick it up (or borrow it) which ever and bring it to his house with dinner.. tho giving him notice that im coming say somthing like how bout we go get dinner tonight, I'll come over .. ect. And bring "Opperation cucumber" putting it into affect. His favorit color is green so maybe green plates and napkins or somthing .. or a green candle ? any idea's i need to know as soon as possible it'd help me ut a lot.

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