Esyella (psychtraveller) wrote in teenscene,

Hi, Im the mod

My name is Selina and I hope yall have a nice time here. You can talk about anything under the sun, especially if you have teenage problems like if your family doesnt care for you, and you try commiting suicide, or if you have relationship problems (GF, BF probs) or you have trouble making friends cause you're really shy etc. Since Im the mod, let me introduce myself. Im 25, graduating this semester, without a boyfriend.. although I do have 1 close guy friend..maybe I can be the first one to start.

My friend, I like him a lot and I love him a lot too, but he doesnt ever tell me that he likes me. Even when I ask, his answer is ambiguous. And when I do go out with him, we always end up in the hotel rm. Im sad. I dont know what to do with him. Any words of comfort? :)
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