Esyella (psychtraveller) wrote in teenscene,

Choosing a man...

Could somebody help me??? I was wondering what kind of men suit me. Im a personality kind of girl.(girl next door) Im nice, friendly, sweet, dont like disputes and fighting, sharing, open, shy etc.

Could you tell me what will happen when I get men who are..... skinny, cute, exciting, always making jokes, romantic, know what I mean?
Im like that too, but the other way. What will I get from them, and what wont I get?

And then there are those guys who you always have to take care of but for sex!!! They are players arents they? What do I and dont I get from them?

What other kinds of guys are out there for me?

I like guys who are non abusive, caring, loving, kind, understanding, good heart, good head, exciting, communicative, caring, and will love me for who I am.

Could you help me please???
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